March 12, 2016


When your teen writes an essay, grammar can be either a snap or the bane of his existence. An easy guide can help out. Two books I have used over the years to help my high school students with grammar for writing papers are Barron’s Painless Grammar and CliffsNotes Writing: Grammar, Usage, and Style). I […]

Pacing Herself When Writing In Class

In-class writing for English or history has its stresses and fear of running out of time is top of the list. Help her out by talking about how to pace herself so she isn’t scrambling to finish or having to stop two thirds of the way through. The typical high school period can be from […]

How He Can Study for an In-Class Essay

Your teen may feel that there’s no way to study for an in-class essay or short answer test. He might say, when pressed, that he’s already memorized the info he needs to know. However, learning how to throw that knowledge together to create an essay is very handy practice the night before the test. So, […]