About Sara


As a private tutor I’ve has encountered parents who were either frustrated, saddened or baffled by how much their children struggle with writing. I’ve seen these parents wrestle with how to make the sometimes overwhelming and confusing task of writing essays and research papers easier. This website comes out of my desire to give parents some of the writing and communication tools I’ve acquired over the years.

A Princeton University graduate, I have experience teaching in classrooms and with one-on-one tutoring since 1993. I trained as a Princeton Review educator to help high school students score well on their SATs. After graduating, I worked as a literacy tutor and writing, research tutor for students up to college age and spent several years training teachers and other adults in using computer applications. I also spent two years with a private company coaching seminar participants in organizational effectiveness and communication.

I believe in creating a fun, creative and safe learning environment for my students – one where they can feel comfortable fully exploring a subject and stretching themselves as learners. I focus on both establishing a firm understanding of a subject or skill and addressing any underlying gaps in knowledge or study habits. My ultimate goal with students is to assist them in advancing in school and reaching their highest potential. One father whose children I worked with said “she has a rare ability to remember childhood and to therefore relate to children from a place of understanding, without losing her adult sense of responsibility and maturity in the process.”

You can check out my tutoring website for more info about my teaching experience, areas of expertise and testimonials from parents and students.